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The “anticipate and lead? paradigm shift has led to the scenario where ongoing software system enhancements and changes are required to support companies’ strategic initiatives. This coupled with tight budgets and the lack of sufficient skilled resources in-house has meant that companies have to look elsewhere.

Vovivo Tech solutions leverage our experienced professionals, proven methodology, and experience to deliver state of the art software solutions. These applications are designed to address customer needs and leverage optimal technologies to be flexible and scalable. Vovivo Tech delivers and maintains solutions based on your business drivers.

First, we ensure that we understand your real needs and issues by involving ourselves in your situations. Second, from the beginning of any project, we work with you to build the ownership and skills for internal change. We partner with you to provide best practices, IT expertise, and coaching. The result? We help you achieve superior results faster, and our approach ensures sustainable organizational change. Vovivo Tech combines best-of-breed technologies with our people, process, and methodology to deliver various services with a focus on

Industries Served
Custom Application Development
Web Solutions
Mobile Solutions
ERP Solutions
Custom Application Development
At Vovivo Tech, we don’t just create custom software, we build solutions to your business problems. We’ve got a decade-long success record and the trust.

Vovivo Tech have accumulated years of experience in all aspects of custom software development. These include project management, business requirements analysis, architecture design, database design and development, program design, construction and unit testing, integration testing, automated testing, and implementation using a wide range of tools and in numerous technical environments.

Web Service
To run a successful online business, you need a well-designed and user friendly website. Moreover, that website has to provide its visitors with relevant information in the form of a properly laid-out web page.

Vovivo Tech has the skills and competencies to design, build, integrate, and manage complete Web services.Our web developers have wide experience in web development processes and whose core professional skills play a key role in creating a robust error-free, foolproof backend system that manages all the background tasks in a smooth flexible manner without troubling the viewers visiting our website.

We work with our customers to develop a strategy for designing and deploying Web services. Vovivo Tech  already has capabilities and competencies in .NET and J2EE, the two technologies behind Web services, and we are currently a Microsoft certified partner for .NET .

We, at Vovivo have the best of brains in web development services, whose core skills in developing the backend systems for websites in PHP, .NET, JAVA, Apache, Linux, MySQL, Joomla, OS Commerce, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery etc.

Mobile Solutions
Vovivo Tech has been providing Mobile App Development services to various clients for several years. Vovivo Tech has considerable experience in both environments, allowing our consultants to develop expertise in all aspects of software design, construction, and deployment in a mobile setting.
Our development teams leverage each device's data manipulation, display, and logic execution capabilities. In each case the developers are able to compare development platforms and devices (tablets and smartphones) and utilize a series of "best practices" for the different environments.
Vovivo Tech enables to provide valuable thought leadership to organizations that may be considering mobile app development. The environment is evolving rapidly, especially in the critical area of software coding through the use of Object Oriented technologies.
ERP Solutions
Our billing ERP prevents you from being overburdened by issues like multiple revenue streams, customized payment terms, partial and full payments, tax allocations, miscellaneous charges and more by helping you to manage and automate your billing process. You can integrate the entire billing process work flow from managing quotations to generating receipts, Performa invoices and invoices. You can also generate miscellaneous certificates like service and maintenance certificates etc. You can adapt our billing management software to your company's specific requirements thus reducing billing errors and improved customer satisfaction.
In the fast changing world of today, the businesses need to be coherent in their operations. They need to manage their resources and processes in a manner that can help in coordinating various activities within the firm. Enterprise resource planning tool does this for the firm. ERP provides the prospect of assimilating every procedure of business while refining the quality of several areas concurrently.
Our ERP Solutions offerings include:
Automated and streamlined business
Improved quality of data
Improved visibility
Application value management
Reduced operating cost
Enhanced Compliance and Security