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Embedded Systems are omnipresent in our daily lives, in the form of all the devices that we use. Wireless phones, television, electronic devices, home appliances, office equipment and several other products have embedded software in them.
Vovivo Tech, Inc offers consultancy services in the following embedded systems domain:
Product Engineering
Embedded Software Development
Electronics Design
Verification and Validation
Embedded system solutions
Software development for cellular phones, PHs’s and mobile data terminals
Software development for home information devices
Software development for automobile data terminals and control equipment and units
Software development and license sales for embedded OS’s, middleware, drivers and other software as well as sales and support for the development environment
Sales and engineering services for Java VM
Development of LONWORKS system and sales of related products
Board design, manufacturing and FPGA development
Digital network solutions
Development of tools to create digital broadcasting program contents
Development and building of the interactive service system and automated broadcasting contents updating system
Production of data broadcasting contents (Interactive service contents, automatically updated contents and coupled program contents)
E-commerce system building and e-commerce package
Security service
Web application building service